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  • Feliz día del libro y de la rosa :)

    Para todos mis lectores con mucho cariño, en tiempos de guerra. ¡Ojo con las personas que no son felices! "La negrura adormece el horizonte, y quiere silenciarlo, la guerra es el arma de los infelices ajenos a los hechos, dan vueltas, buscando comer más basura, más cenizas, se alistan en casa para depreciar el sol, y presumir su afición, se aglomeran, seducen al vómito, y corrompen con su pensar, son los presuntuosos, ridículos que están lejos de la guerra actual, los que esperan quebrar la paz, claramente, esperaban una guerra así, ellos son, los pobres enemigos del amor, los vacíos y temerosos del sol, que no han de respetar el dolor de nuestros ucranianos y rusos, son las almas apestosas que creen dañar con un acto de amargura, acto que jamás impactará en los que sí podemos ver el sol salir" (Laura Maria Isabel Ruiz Ocadiz) Texto, para las "personas" que no respetan la paz mundial, la armonía y en consecuencia no respetan el amor y el arte, porque en tiempos de guerra solo pueden pensar en dañar, y en sacar toda su frustración, pero la vida es un espejo para quien no respeta el dolor de los demás. #guerra #rusia #libro #cine #pelicula #arte #prosa #cinedearte #amor #love #peaceandlove #peace #amorypaz #guerrayodio #odio #haters #infelicidad #libros #literatura #libreria #cartas #ucrania

  • Unas palabras del Festival Internacional

    Me siento apoyada y amada. Gracias a Los Ángeles, Calfornia en su Festival Internacional. #arthousecinema #film #filme #cine #cinema #pelicula #movie #arte #festival #amor

  • Pasado ♥️

    🐼🍜🎈 Hola mi amigo, ¿cómo estás hoy? Quiero decirles que nunca olvido de donde vengo, aquí en esta universidad empezó mi lucha por ser Cineasta, no olvido mi pasado porque es parte de mí, es gracias a ese pasado que soy ahora, Estoy demasiado cerca del primer sueño que abordé en este lugar, cuando luchaba contra los ideales de los demás. Nunca olvido de dónde vengo, nunca olvido mis raíces, porque la humildad también se basa en nuestro lugar en el pasado 💎🦁🍺

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  • 404 | Luminosa Canal

    There’s Nothing Here... We can’t find the page you’re looking for. Check the URL, or head back home. Go Home

  • Escritora mexicana de novela realista | LAURA MARIA ISABEL | RUIZ OCADIZ Fiction

    Get the latest news! 'To capture the most terrible sensations in the world is what has defined my chaotic way of thinking. A way that some have found beautiful '. Maria Ruiz Ocadiz By Roberto Eduardo Arenas Farquet, Chief Editor at Luminosa Publishing. Thursday, July 19th, 2021 The Gardenia Aspiring Actress Support Initiative (GAASI) is an innovative proposal by Maria Ruiz Ocadiz to promote the new generations of women artists who, due to a number of different situations, such as lack of expertise, geographic location or socioeconomic context, have had difficulties to venture into the film or television industry. Using her independent film production house PertúrPure Cinema , which distributes its content through the streaming service Luminosa Canal , and today's remote shooting technologies , the filmmaker invites all women with dramatic studies to join her in her film projects. Being part of GAASI is completely FREE, in addition to the fact that it can constitute an economic entry for those who wish to participate in particular films. Follow María's account on VERO: @mariaruizocadiz The following article was featured in 'Caza Libros', published by the Spanish newspaper Málaga al día (Málaga Daily) straight from the pen of talented columnist Elena Zamora Simón (translation): 'Amnesty (or, a great discovery from Mexico)' One of the beautiful anecdotes that I can tell from the time that I have been reviewing books on Instagram is the relationship established in the distance with authors who gave me the opportunity to discover their works and with them, a little bit of their world. The case of Laura Maria Isabel Ruíz Ocadiz is one of the special ones, because after agreeing on some readings and movies that we both like, I ended up acquiring her first novel, which I'm talking about today: Amnesty (Luminosa Publishing, 2018). It led me to fall in love with the beautiful words of its author. «The saffron sky suffered a disenchantment. The impressed wake of vultures took off into the clouds and my soul recognized helplessness. It was too late to prevent the water from overflowing my face. I shared my affliction with the sky, then it grieved until I bathed. The beach emptied soon after…» At the time I acquired the novel, Maria gave me her second book, Steve's canotier: Life and Truth (Luminosa Publishing, 2020) as a gift; and after reading it I became the first Spaniard to read her complete bibliography, which filled me with pride and satisfaction. ​ Now, Laura Maria has just released her third publication; A Wakefulness of Indocility (Luminosa Publishing, 2021) and she's preparing its film adaptation; and to celebrate these events, her editorial, Luminosa Publishing, decided to publish a 2nd edition of Amnesty, thus celebrating its good reception by the public... and there is yours truly writing the Prologue at the author's request. And since a precious copy with my words written on it has just come into my hands, I wanted to recommend you read it and thus make you part of the work of this woman filmmaker, writer and artist. In Amnesty we are facing a story of overcoming in a dystopian world. ​ It tells us about an Earth similar to ours, but different at the same time. The places that you know in our reality do not have the same names here, but you can try to identify them, like El Encanto, which reminds me of Paris. Each place has its rules so, in Costa del Anhelo, the death of a loved one is not mourned, nor is the person buried; and in El Encanto they are buried, though crying is forbidden. Cassandra (the protagonist) meets Raymundo in Costa del Anhelo and they fall in love. Timeo (the antagonist) is out there, waiting for her. When an earthquake destroys Costa del Anhelo, Cassandra flees with Raymundo to El Encanto, but when they get there they are considered immigrants and Raymundo is detained, while Cassandra manages to flee. From then on, Cassandra's life will be linked to that of Timeo, but not for the better. Amnesty talks about migration, about how people feel lost in their own country or in the country they go to try to start a new life. ​ It is narrated so beautifully that it seems that you are reading something written in verse or with a melody. And it teaches us a very important life lesson: that we are all inhabitants of the same planet; that we are all MIGRANTS in some way. Among the characters that appear, apart from these three, are Eleonor Lucille, a wretched woman in love with Timeo who seems to come out of a glamour magazine and is devilishly hateful; and Adolphe, a boy very similar to Raymundo who had me suspicious of his 'goodness' the whole novel. And it's curious, because he is a character who is there precisely so that Cassandra trusts him; but I don't, he doesn't sneak in for me. Another great protagonist are the vultures, which unfortunately in our reality are in danger of extinction, but here they are revered. The work teaches us how necessary they are for life on this planet. ​ I definitely recommend this novel to you, reader; because of the author's way of writing and because it is not only a novel... It is also a lesson for life. ​ ​ You can visit the columnist's personal blog here. Follow the Author on VERO @mariaruizocadiz "The apple cannot be stuck back on the Tree of Knowledge; once we begin to see, we are doomed and challenged to seek the strength to see more, not less." ​ ​ Arthur Miller "If only the desire to see could be as strong as the desire to unsee." Lars von Trier Follow the Author on Goodreads

  • Películas y cortos de la escritora y cineasta | LAURA MARIA ISABEL | RUIZ OCADIZ Fiction

    A victim of insomnia , Gertrudis identifies the existence of Lini, who exposes her lost childhood and leads her to love Silvestre without control. While they work as candy tasters at Uva Blanca de Borgoña, along with Silvestre, Joaquín and Anunciación; Gertrudis and Lini struggle to release their sexual impulses through a dangerous trip to the interior, but their intentions will be frustrated due to a subsistence system whose rules are the irruption of the home and codependency on certain food substances. The intimacy of the characters and their volatile interpersonal relationships will trace a path of self-destruction that will end up revealing the light of indocility. ​ Incorporating traditional animation over live footage, Director Laura Maria Isabel Ruiz Ocadiz transports us to a deadly dream world in her debut feature film. Written and Directed by: Laura Maria Isabel Ruiz Ocadiz. Animation and Montage: Roberto Eduardo Arenas Farquet. Art Direction: Laura Maria Isabel Ruiz Ocadiz. Country: México Language: Spanish Subtitles: English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Hindi. Produced by: Pertúrpure Cinema & Luminosa Films. ​ PREMIERE IN AUTUMN 2 023 ​ Synopsis (English): Víctima del insomnio , Gertrudis identifica la existencia de Lini, quien expone la infancia perdida de esta y la lleva a amar sin control a Silvestre. Mientras laboran como catadoras de golosinas en Uva Blanca de Borgoña, junto a Silvestre, Joaquín y Anunciación; Gertrudis y Lini luchan por liberar sus impulsos sexuales mediante un peligroso viaje al interior, pero verán frustradas sus intenciones a causa de un sistema de subsistencia que tiene por reglas la irrupción del hogar y la codependencia a ciertas sustancias alimentarias. La intimidad de los personajes y sus volátiles relaciones interpersonales trazarán un camino de autodestrucción que terminará por revelar la luz de la indocilidad . ​ Incorporando animación tradicional sobre metraje en vivo, la Directora Laura Maria Isabel Ruiz Ocadiz nos transporta a un mundo onírico y letal en su ópera prima. ​ Guion y Dirección: Laura Maria Isabel Ruiz Ocadiz. Animación y Montaje: Roberto Eduardo Arenas Farquet. Dirección de Arte: Laura Maria Isabel Ruiz Ocadiz. País: México Producción: Pertúrpure Cinema y Luminosa Films. Distribución: Luminosa Canal ​ ESTRENO EN OTOÑO DE 2023 ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Sinopsis (Spanish): (scroll down for English poster and synopsis) NOW YOU CAN ENJOY ALL OF OUR ARTHOUSE SHORT FILMS Short Films Short Films Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Search video... Now Playing Love Without a Casket 05:59 Play Video Now Playing We Are a Motive 18:17 Play Video Now Playing Misplace the Rabbits 04:15 Play Video

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