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🐼🍜🎈 Hello my friend, how are you today? I want to tell you that I never forget where I come from, here at this university my struggle to be a Filmmaker began, I do not forget my past because it is part of me, it is thanks to that past that I am now, I am too close to the first dream that I boarded in this place, when I was fighting against the ideals of others. I never forget where I come from, I never forget my roots, because humility is also based on our place in the past 💎🦁🍺 and about #arthousecinema ♥️ VIVA CINEMA ♥️🦁🌹 Waaaaaaa ‼️🙊

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Feliz día del libro y de la rosa :)

Para todos mis lectores con mucho cariño, en tiempos de guerra. ¡Ojo con las personas que no son felices! "La negrura adormece el horizonte, y quiere silenciarlo, la guerra es el arma de los infelices


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