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  • At the pace of living

    The spy shows his heart. "It's time to grow", he has asked us. We are going to burst until we put an end to naivety. We walk, we run forming links with our fingers, we tell the meaning of things, we make them appear, we make them animated; but then comes that adolescent regret that proposes us to express the secrets of similar souls. We swim in sugared water, not like swans, but like ducks that have led us to remember the chocolate donuts on the table, from that room in the floating neighborhood. We get together, we wrap ourselves around the pollen that has gotten into our pupils and makes us see flowers in the wood that separates the river from the grass. We feel tremendous, we think, we cut the oranges and we are sure that we have lost everything. The toys help us to get coins, we disappear the caresses that were missing in the camp, the schools open for us at night and teach us that someone is waiting for us. They're the friends, the lovers, but when we look at the clock it sounds less loud; it can be distinguished among the freshest peppermint, the one that tastes like so and steals our breath when we hear its voice throbbing in our hands. We climb the slides upside down, we sing while eating and we scream for love. At the end of the scolding we like to sit under the cool rain on the porch, full of desire amidst the noise of breathing. We take everything with anguish, but at the moment we have cleared up our minds: we have been distracted by the bubble gum and we lie down on the dry grass of an autumn that is about to leave, at the feet of our companion. Sweat leaves us with the feeling that we are doing something wrong, and we found the answer the next Saturday, when we have thought about how to make the fields purple and the earth cool, in that extreme in which we have reacted among the ducks. We realize that we have failed, because adulthood has caught up with us, and has left us without that mint flavor in the peppermint.* *translation of an original entry from May 15th, 2020. Photo credit: Dawson's Creek, Columbia TriStar Television #dawsonscreek #dawson #dawsonandjoey #paceyandjoey #kevinwilliamson #katieholmes #series #comingofage #90stvshows #teens #adolescence #youth #adulthood #famoustvshows #tvseries #television #joshuajackson #goodoldtimes #goodtimesroll #losmejoresmomentos #specialmoments #memories #memorias #rememberme #lovemeforever #idontwanttowait #thebestone #youaremylove #friendsforever #psicologiadeldesarrollo #developmentpsychology #school #growingpains #dreamers #capeside #joeypotter #suri

  • Made in Verona

    In the future of Verona all kisses dried out. The paralyzed lips were unable to pronounce again the wake of a virginal sex. On the broken path of failed visionaries, J. found herself, hoping to awaken from the abysmal naivety of love. In full disenchantment, she cut the white feathers of the coat that wrapped her and looked closely at R.'s face, free at last from the diffuse future of a Verona in love. The open coffin, illuminated by the water of the most beautiful vineyards, seemed to make R. happy between J.'s emotional disorder and the tearful life that she found worthless. In any case, J. did not want to give up, because without the anguish of love, without the anguish of that wait, she would degrade. The desperate breath would place J. before a confrontation with death and her stubborn acts, fighting against the spoiled war of youthful love; against a momentary memory of the way he dressed: a ridiculous and horrible way. This memory made her instantly lose said spoiled war of love, and because of her obsession with style, J. bled because of her greatest enemy: petulance. She could never accept that R. would never dress in that way that bothered her so much, so J. preferred to rise to eternity, rather than stop seeing R. in such ugly garments. Text inspired by the work "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare and the film "Romeo + Juliet" by Baz Luhrmann.* *translation of an original entry from May 7th, 2020. Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Mexico City (Gabriel Mancera No. 415), a shooting location from Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo + Juliet". Photo: Ddanielcruzz en Wikimedia Commons (edited) #romeoandjuliet #williamshakespeare #clairedanes #leonardodicaprio #cinema #arthousecinema #artdirection #romeoplusjuliet #bazluhrmann #drama #classicplays #classicliterature #theater #romeomustdie #letterstojuliet #romeo #juliet #dramaturgy #grief #verona #love #filmedinmexico #madeinmexico #fashion #style #modernism #modernart #vanguardcinema #shotinmexico

  • Cinema's sexual identity

    The impulses that a film director manifests when positioning the camera makes us recognize the unique and sexual identity of each cinematographic work, since those impulses will always come from the libido. Who ever said that sex is not art? Thinking about that sexuality that the director gives to the script through scenes affirms the idea that I put forward as the "sexual identity of cinema". The identity of cinema is discovered in the observation of the movements of the camera in communion with the acting techniques. They will make love to support a wonderful or stupid story, thus defining their sexuality. If you maintain a firm conviction about what you like, what causes pleasure, about that sensation so similar to that obtained when you kiss, then the director will be doing the right thing; and that sexual identity in auteur cinema will be sincere, or perhaps more than that: it will be authentic. Great filmmakers have kept the flame burning sharp and sharp by releasing Eyes Wide Shut or Pretty Woman, but if one suddenly wanted to change styles abruptly, it would make their films lose their true identity, marking a significant downfall. I will not mention examples of this, because in this blog I do not do film criticism. I simply express myself as a filmmaker. Like all of them. What happened with Mexican cinema was exactly that: By trying to resemble Hollywood cinema, national cinema lost that sexual identity; falling into artistic ruin by creating "recyclable" content with large amounts of money that have simply been used to pay for a catering service or rent a private beach where it was possible to film a ridiculous chase. It is worth mentioning that in the eighties and nineties, memorable years for Mexican cinema, it was shown that this country had talented people: Screenwriters writing literature, writing poetry for the scenes; directors with ideas, feelings, agility and intelligence for the camera; not to mention the wonderful golden age of Mexican cinema! So I affirm that many of us are waiting for sexual identity to return to our cinema and for creatives to leave their antics, preferences and hypocrisy. In this manner, I wrap things up without offending anyone, but I do send my most affectionate greetings to the filmmakers who, like me, are waiting; because as far as my area is concerned, current Mexican cinema does not have the slightest sense of Art Direction. And that is another of the aforementioned reasons why American and French cinema continue to be well positioned, by maintaining an impeccable sexual identity.* *translation of an original entry from April 30th, 2020. Photo: Julie Diaz as "Lini" in A Wakefulness of Indocility (2023). #cinemexicano #mexicancinema #hollywood #americancinema #mexicancinema #cinenorteamericano #cineestadounidense #mexico #nuestrocine #cineencasa #filmdirector #screenwriter #movies #cinema #arthousecinema #epocadeoro #cinedeautor #goldenageofcinema #classicalmexicancinema #badmovies #goodmovies #gaelgarcia #diegoluna #melodrama

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  • Official Site of Arthouse Director MARIA RUIZ OCADIZ / Sitio Oficial de la Directora de Cine de Arte Maria Ruiz Ocadiz.

    Synopsis: A victim of insomnia , Gertrudis identifies the existence of Lini, who exposes her lost childhood and leads her to love Silvestre without control. While they work as candy tasters at Uva Blanca de Borgoña, along with Silvestre, Joaquín and Anunciación; Gertrudis and Lini struggle to release their sexual impulses through a dangerous trip to the interior, but their intentions will be frustrated due to a subsistence system whose rules are the irruption of the home and codependency on certain food substances. The intimacy of the characters and their volatile interpersonal relationships will trace a path of self-destruction that will end up revealing the light of indocility. ​ Incorporating traditional 2D animation over live-action footage, Arthouse Director Laura Maria Isabel Ruiz Ocadiz transports us to a deadly dream world in her debut feature film. ​ Written and Directed by: Laura Maria Isabel Ruiz Ocadiz ​ Starring: Julie Díaz ​ Introducing the voice of: Valeyabami Animation and Montage: Roberto Eduardo Arenas Farquet ​ Art Direction: Laura Maria Isabel Ruiz Ocadiz ​ Music (Score) by: Marco Iannello ​ Songs (Soundtrack) by: R.M.B. Natalie Dime ​ Country: Me xico ​ Language: Spanish , English . ​ Subtitles: English, Portu guese, French, Italian, Hindi, Japanese. ​ Produced by: Pertúrpure Cinema ​ Distributed by: Luminosa Films ​ Executive Producers: Roberto Eduardo Arenas Farquet Enrique Guillermo Ruiz de la Torre ​ Co-Exec Producer: Benjamín Ocadiz Lazcano ​ Associate Producer: A. Isabel Luna Z. ​ BECOME INVOLVED! THE PRE-LAUNCH CAMPAIGN IS NOW LIVE!

  • Short Films | Luminosa Canal

    Short Films All Categories Play Video Play Video 04:07 NEITHER YOU NOR I (Ni Tú Ni Yo) | MULTI-AWARDED SHORT FILM (Cortometraje Premiado) | SPA w/ENG SUBS ⭐ Written and directed by / Escrito y dirigido por: Laura Maria Isabel Ruiz Ocadiz. ⭐ Starring / Estelarizan: Emir Martínez, as "Nacho". Ismael Osorio, as "Julio". Tarsicia Ugarte (voice / voz), as "Marcela". ⭐ Film editing (montage) / Edición (montaje): Roberto Eduardo Arenas Farquet. ⭐Continuity / Continuidad: Jorge Pacheco Galván. ⭐Film photography / Cinefotografía: Christian Aldama. ⭐Sound design / Diseño sonoro: Roberto Eduardo Arenas Farquet, Laura Maria Isabel Ruiz Ocadiz. ⭐Image design / Diseño de imagen: Florence von Tessel. ⭐Sound / Sonido directo: Juan Valencia. ⭐ Musicalization / Musicalización: Laura Maria Isabel Ruiz Ocadiz. ⭐Assistant Director provided by / Asistente de Dirección proporcionado por: Florence von Tessel ⭐Location / Locación: Florence von Tessel ⭐Production Assistant / Asistente de Producción: Alma ⭐Casting: BabyFace Big Cast ⭐A production by / Una producción de: Roberto Eduardo Arenas Farquet. *** "WHAT WEIGHT DO YOU GIVE TO A WOMAN'S LOVE?" SYNOPSIS: Nacho and Julio ignore their feelings towards Marcela in order to unleash their most prosaic desires. The deeds of these two friends will have someone face desolation; but who? - ESPAÑOL: "¿QUÉ PESO LE DAS AL AMOR DE UNA MUJER?" SINOPSIS: Nacho y Julio ignoran sus sentimientos por Marcela para dar rienda suelta a sus deseos más prosaicos. Las acciones de estos dos amigos llevarán a alguien a enfrentar la desolación; pero, ¿a quién? - AWARDS AND NOMINATIONS / PREMIOS Y NOMINACIONES: 🏆 WORLD'S BEST DIRECTOR AWARD / PREMIO AL MEJOR DIRECTOR DEL MUNDO: World's Best Filmmaker Award (India) Nawada, Bihar (Girja Palace) September 2, 2022 - 🏆 BEST FEMALE DIRECTOR / MEJOR DIRECTORA: Gully International Film Festival (India) Patna, Bihar (Boring Road) December 20, 2022 - 🏆 BEST SHORT FILM NOMINEE - BEST INTERNATIONAL ACTRESS NOMINEE / NOMINADO A MEJOR CORTOMETRAJE - NOMINADA A MEJOR ACTRIZ INTERNACIONAL: Thokoza Film Festival (South Africa) Thokoza, Gauteng (Sam Ntuli Sports Centre) October 26, 2022 - 🏆 BEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM SEMI-FINALIST / SEMI-FINALISTA A MEJOR CORTOMETRAJE INTERNACIONAL: NexGn International Short Film Festival (India) Pune, Maharashtra (Utsav Lawns & Gardens) December 29, 2021 - 🏆 BEST SHORT FILM NOMINEE / NOMINADO A MEJOR CORTOMETRAJE: Kalakari Film Fest (India) Patna, Bihar March 18, 2023 - 📽️ OFFICIAL SELECTION / SELECCIÓN OFICIAL: Guttercast Festival (United States) October 9, 2021 - Indie Online Film Award (Ukraine) Kyiv (Kiev) October 31, 2021 - Bitesize Film Festival November 1, 2021 - Cooper Awards (Czech Republic) December 10, 2021 - Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions by Lift-Off Global Network (United Kingdom) Buckinghamshire (Pinewood Studios) May 1, 2023 *** Original title / Título original: "Ni tú ni yo". Genres / Géneros: Drama, Experimental, Arthouse / Cine de Arte, Adolescence / Adolescencia, Poligamy / Poligamia, Realism / Realismo, Urban / Urbano, Coming of age / Del crecer o madurar, Women's cinema / Cine de mujeres, Latin / Latino, Mexican Cinema /Cine Mexicano, Film montage / Montaje cinematográfico. Runtime / Duración: 00:03:56 Release date / Fecha de estreno: 09/07/2021 (DD/MM/2021) Country / País: Mexico. Audio language/ Idiomas de audio: Spanish / Español Subtitle language: English / Inglés Shooting format / Formato: 4K UHD, HD Aspect ratio / Relación de aspecto: 16:9 Produced by / Producida por: Pertúrpure Cinema. Distributed by / Distribuida por: Luminosa Films. Trailer / Avance: - Discover exclusive content on our official streaming site! / ¡Descubre contenido exclusivo en nuestro sitio oficial de streaming! 🍋 - Watch the most amazing films brought to you by the best new filmmakers from around the world, only on / Ve los más asombrosos filmes traídos a ti por los mejores nuevos cineastas alrededor del mundo, solo en 🎞️ **** This film uses the following sounds from Freesound: "Cuban Mambo" by oymaldonado ( ) licensed under CC BY 4.0 DEED "Salsa loop intro 110 bpm.wav" by oymaldonado( ) licensed under CC BY 4.0 DEED Play Video Play Video 05:59 Love Without a Casket Longing to lose herself in unrequited love, Luz recalls her mania for the object of her desire. Convinced of having taken possession of a part of him, she will plunge into an abyss of her own creation. Play Video Play Video 18:17 We Are a Motive Elvira and Florencia are cousins, living under the moralistic and harassing attitude of their parents. Drugs, threesomes and hypocrisy will lead them to Mau. The trio may never find their convictions. Play Video Play Video 04:15 Misplace the Rabbits Ignoring the holidays, a father leaves her 5-year-old daughter in the care of a neighbor. Living under parental pressure concerning her eating behavior and childish tastes, the girl will regress to the events that have hurt her.

  • Author & director | MARIA RUIZ OCADIZ | Literary fiction and arthouse cinema | Luminosa Canal

    Get the latest news! 'To capture the most terrible sensations in the world is what has defined my chaotic way of thinking. A way that some have found beautiful'. Maria Ruiz Ocadiz By Roberto Eduardo Arenas Farquet, Chief Editor at Luminosa Publishing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tuesday, May 14th, 2024 The following article was featured in 'Caza Libros', published by the Spanish newspaper Málaga al día (Málaga Daily) straight from the pen of talented columnist Elena Zamora Simón (translation): '"Amnesty' (or a great discovery from Mexico)'' One of the beautiful anecdotes that I can tell from the time that I have been reviewing books on Instagram is the relationship established in the distance with authors who gave me the opportunity to discover their works and with them, a little bit of their world. The case of Laura Maria Isabel Ruíz Ocadiz is one of the special ones, because after agreeing on some readings and movies that we both like, I ended up acquiring her first novel, which I'm talking about today: Amnesty (Luminosa Publishing, 2018). It led me to fall in love with the beautiful words of its author. «The saffron sky suffered a disenchantment. The impressed wake of vultures took off into the clouds and my soul recognized helplessness. It was too late to prevent the water from overflowing my face. I shared my affliction with the sky, then it grieved until I bathed. The beach emptied soon after…» At the time I acquired the novel, Maria gave me her second book, Steve's canotier: Life and Truth (Luminosa Publishing, 2020) as a gift; and after reading it I became the first Spaniard to read her complete bibliography, which filled me with pride and satisfaction. ​ Now, Laura Maria has just released her third publication; A Wakefulness of Indocility (Luminosa Publishing, 2021) and she's preparing its film adaptation; and to celebrate these events, her editorial, Luminosa Publishing, decided to publish a 2nd edition of Amnesty, thus celebrating its good reception by the public... and there is yours truly writing the Prologue at the author's request. And since a precious copy with my words written on it has just come into my hands, I wanted to recommend you read it and thus make you part of the work of this woman filmmaker, writer and artist. In Amnesty we are facing a story of overcoming in a dystopian world. ​ It tells us about an Earth similar to ours, but different at the same time. The places that you know in our reality do not have the same names here, but you can try to identify them, like El Encanto, which reminds me of Paris. Each place has its rules so, in Costa del Anhelo, the death of a loved one is not mourned, nor is the person buried; and in El Encanto they are buried, though crying is forbidden. Cassandra (the protagonist) meets Raymundo in Costa del Anhelo and they fall in love. Timeo (the antagonist) is out there, waiting for her. When an earthquake destroys Costa del Anhelo, Cassandra flees with Raymundo to El Encanto, but when they get there they are considered immigrants and Raymundo is detained, while Cassandra manages to flee. From then on, Cassandra's life will be linked to that of Timeo, but not for the better. Amnesty talks about migration, about how people feel lost in their own country or in the country they go to try to start a new life. ​ It is narrated so beautifully that it seems that you are reading something written in verse or with a melody. And it teaches us a very important life lesson: that we are all inhabitants of the same planet; that we are all MIGRANTS in some way. Among the characters that appear, apart from these three, are Eleonor Lucille, a wretched woman in love with Timeo who seems to come out of a glamour magazine and is devilishly hateful; and Adolphe, a boy very similar to Raymundo who had me suspicious of his 'goodness' the whole novel. And it's curious, because he is a character who is there precisely so that Cassandra trusts him; but I don't, he doesn't sneak in for me. Another great protagonist are the vultures, which unfortunately in our reality are in danger of extinction, but here they are revered. The work teaches us how necessary they are for life on this planet. ​ I definitely recommend this novel to you, reader; because of the author's way of writing and because it is not only a novel... It is also a lesson for life. ​ ​ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thursday, July 19th, 2021 The Gardenia Aspiring Actress Support Initiative (GAASI) is an innovative proposal by Maria Ruiz Ocadiz to promote the new generations of women artists who, due to a number of different situations, such as lack of expertise, geographic location or socioeconomic context, have had difficulties to venture into the film or television industry. Using her independent film production house PertúrPure Cinema , which distributes its content through the streaming service Luminosa Canal , and today's remote shooting technologies , the filmmaker invites all women with dramatic studies to join her in her film projects. Being part of GAASI is completely FREE, in addition to the fact that it can constitute an economic entry for those who wish to participate in particular films. For more information on how to apply, follow María's account on VERO: @mariaruizocadiz Follow the author and director on VERO @mariaruizocadiz "The apple cannot be stuck back on the Tree of Knowledge; once we begin to see, we are doomed and challenged to seek the strength to see more, not less." ​ ​ Arthur Miller "If only the desire to see could be as strong as the desire to unsee." Lars von Trier Follow the Author on Goodreads

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